Playing for a wedding recption at Ballydugan Mill, Downpatrick.

The Great Highland Bagpipe & Me

For centuries the Great Highland Bagpipe has been used to inspire warriors, celebrate victory and welcome royalty. It is an instrument of impact, being most effective when used for short periods to announce major events, such as the Bride arriving at the church.

I have a wealth of experience performing at weddings and a repertoire that will ensure you have exactly the type of music needed for your Big Day. Although based near Belfast, I am willing to travel the length and breadth of Ireland to provide an unparalleled service and will gladly take the skirl of the pipes to the most unusual of places.

The following packages are available to meet your requirements. For more information, please see When could a Piper Play.

  • Ceremony Package - £150
  • Ceremony & Reception Package - £250
  • The Royal Treatment - additional £100

If you need me to travel over approximately 30 miles from Templepatrick, I must also include an additional travel expense.

Playing for a wedding recption at Ballydugan Mill, Downpatrick.

Ceremony Package - £150

Before the marriage

  • As guests arrive - Piping for approximately 20 minutes before the ceremony to entertain guests as they arrive.
  • Leading bridal car - If the church/venue has a driveway let your piper announce your arrival with style and have him lead the bridal car for the final stretch.
  • Bridal car exodus - A great alternative to the above option if there isn't really a driveway.
  • Processional - Have your piper play the tune of your choice whilst leading you up the aisle or standing to the side as you make your final journey as a singleton.

After the marriage

  • Register signing - A medley of tunes to provide a celebratory atmosphere during the register signing.
  • Recessional - Have your piper play the tune of you choice whilst leading you and your new spouse back down the aisle.
  • Leading wedding car - If the church/venue has a driveway let your piper lead you away under the resounding skirl of the pipes.
  • As guests leave - A great alternative to the above if there isn't a driveway.
  • Photographs - Playing whilst photographs are being taken to entertain your guests and add to the atmosphere. (You may include me if you wish!)

Ceremony & Reception Package - £250

Before dinner

  • As guests/bridal party arrive - Piping for approxiately 20 minutes to entertain guests as they arrive.
  • Receiving line-up - Playing as you and your bridal party greet and speak with guests.
  • Top table - What better way to make a dramatic entrance to your top table than to be lead by a piper?
  • A Toast - A piper's toast to the Bride and Groom, traditionally sealed with a wee dram.

The Royal Treatment - additional £100 each

Wake up call

In addition to the above services, why not be attended upon like the Queen and have your own personal piper for your wedding day. Firstly, as in royal tradition, you will have a Piper playing underneath your bedroom window at 9:00am to mark your residency. Next, you will be piped from your home to the wedding car, a sure way to attract the attention of all your neighbours and the perfect way to mark your last time leaving home before marriage.

Sun set

If holding your reception in a suitable location, your piper can play for you as the sun sets to mark the end of a fantastic day and beginning of your life together.

Your Choice

My repertoire is quite extensive, covering a range or tranditional Scottish, Irish and Breton tunes. Below is a list of the most popular requests in this regard, however if there is a piece not listed that holds particulary special meaning to yourself and your family then please do not hesitate to make contact and I will endeavor to meet your requirements.

The Bridal Chorus a.k.a. The Wedding March

This piece by Richard Wagner has graced many Brides as the walk the aisle since its composition in 1850. It is the epitome of processional music!

Highland Cathedral

This piece is one of the most sought after and requested pieces for weddings. It is perfect for either the processional or recessional and is particularly moving when played as background music on Smallpipes.

The Prince of Denmark's March a.k.a. Trumpet Voluntary

This is a trumpet voluntary and is incredibly popular amongst royalty as a recessional march.

Auld Lang Syne

Although mainly played at the New Year, it's also perfect for leading the happy couple to the top table at the reception.


It is more of a "party piece", but can be incredibly rousing after the toast to the Bride and Groom at the reception.

The Great Highland Bagpipe

The Great Highland Bagpipe

For centuries the Great Highland Bagpipe has been used to inspire warriors, celebrate victory and welcome royalty. It is an instrument of impact, being most effective when used for short periods to announce major events, such as the Bride arriving at the church. However, in recent years the Highland Bagpipe has received an unfortunately bad stereotype. This comes solely from the self-taught buskers that grace highstreets across the world with their untuned instruments. When tuned correctly, Highland Bagpipes can have a softer, more harmonic sound that provides utterly pleasant listening and, with an experienced player at the helm, can produce music that stirs the emotions.

Although predominantly best kept as a solo instrument, the Great Highland Bagpipe can sound excellent when accompanied with other instruments, such as a piano or an organ. I have toured Europe and America playing with The Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland and so have a great deal of experience accompanying other instruments.



The complete opposite of the Great Highland Bagpipe, Smallpipes are mellow, quiet, and offer an incredibly rich sound. They are perfect for indoor background music as they lack the immediate impact of Highland Bagpipes and are particularly beautiful when used for hymnal music.

In Christ Alone

To listen to more hymnal music played by myself on Smallpipes, please visit my Soundcloud channel:

The music that can be played on Smallpipes is identical to Highland Pipes. Below is a recording of Highland Cathedral, however all of the music played on my website can be played as such.

Highland Cathedral


Full Dress

Characterised by the distinctive Feather Bonnet, (often mistaken for a Busby or Bearskin!), Full Dress is the apotheosis of uniform that is sure to create a stir amongst all of your guests.

Relaxing after playing at the wedding ceremony.


I currently have three tartans available from which you can choose.





I view it as a great honour when commissioned to write a piece commemorating a particular wedding. Whether you would like the piece composed for your own wedding, or perhaps as a gift for a friend's wedding, it is a lasting thought that will encourage nostalgia from future viewers.

The composition can be written to your own specifications and you can have as much or as little input as you would like. For example, would you like a fast or slow piece? Stately or lively? Do you have a particular title in mind? Or is there a theme around which the tune should be based?

A tune composed to commemorate the wedding of David and Kerry.


In most circumstances, it is really great to have your tune played as you arrive at the reception or as you are lead to the top table. It will then be presented to you in an appropriately mounted frame along with a CD recording.

Ultimately this presentation and/or playing of your tune is completely at your discretion and so can be tailored to suit your individual wedding requirements.

A tune composed to commemorate the wedding of David and Kerry.


If you would like more information about my wedding services or would like to discuss your exact requirements and how I can best meet them, please feel free to contact me.

Also, I attend the Quirky Weddings: Alternative Wedding Fair at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast during September and March each year, along with a number of other small wedding fairs. So why not check out my Facebook Page for your closest fair and come along to have a chat about about your wedding.

The Love Harris Piping business card stand!
The Love Harris Piping business card stand!

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