Ballyclare May Fair

A piper from £70

A Piper in Full Highland Dress provides both an audible and visual spectacle that is sure to attract attention at any event. It is truly a feast for the senses that provides an indomitable presence amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Ballyclare May Fair

Corporate Events

Whether you are welcoming guests from overseas, launching a new product or simply want that element of tradition and vibrancy at your event, there is no better way to do it than with the skirl of the pipes.

Scotland the Brave

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is never complete without hearing the Robert Burns classic, Auld Lang Syne, on a resonating set of Highland Bagpipes. In addition, a piper can be a great way to add to the pomp and ceremony of the evening by playing for guests as they arrive or entertaining throughout the evening.

Auld Lang Syne

Burns' Night

A Burn's Night without out a piper is no Burn's Night at all. Greet your guests with that robust, welcoming sound that is the Great Highland Bagpipe and have the Haggis enter the room in style, lead by a piper resplendent in Full Highland Dress and his magnificent instrument. Entertain your guests after dinner with the music of Robert Burns' native Scotland and end the evening with that incredible piece, Auld Lang Syne.

A Man's A Man for A' That


You know the bagpipe tunes Scotland the Brave and the Salute to the Chieftain (Highland Laddie). But have you ever considered hearing Happy Birthday or Congratulations from the resounding skirl of the pipes? The Great Highland Bagpipe can give the main guest(s) a welcome fit for a king as they arrive at the party or can create a grand entrance for the cake or presents.

Happy Birthday


The Great Highland Bagpipe

The Great Highland Bagpipe

For centuries the Great Highland Bagpipe has been used to inspire warriors, celebrate victory and welcome royalty. It is an instrument of impact, being most effective when used for short periods to announce major events, such as the Bride arriving at the church. However, in recent years the Highland Bagpipe has received an unfortunately bad stereotype. This comes solely from the self-taught buskers that grace highstreets across the world with their untuned instruments. When tuned correctly, Highland Bagpipes can have a softer, more harmonic sound that provides utterly pleasant listening and, with an experienced player at the helm, can produce music that stirs the emotions.

Although predominantly best kept as a solo instrument, the Great Highland Bagpipe can sound excellent when accompanied with other instruments, such as a piano or an organ. I have toured Europe and America playing with the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland and so have a great deal of experience accompanying other instruments.



The complete opposite of the Great Highland Bagpipe, Smallpipes are mellow, quiet, and offer an incredibly rich sound. They are perfect for indoor background music as they lack the immediate impact of Highland Bagpipes.

The music that can be played on Smallpipes is identical to Highland Pipes. Below is a recording of Highland Cathedral, however all of the music played on my website can be played as such.

Highland Cathedral



Full Dress

Characterised by the distinctive Feather Bonnet, (often mistaken for a Busby or Bearskin!), Full Dress is the apotheosis of uniform that is sure to create a stir amongst all of your guests.

Playing at Carnegie Hall with the CBOI and the City of Bethlehem Pipe Band.


I currently have three tartans available from which you can choose.





Whether you would like the piece composed for your 60th anniversary in business, or perhaps as a 60th birthday gift, it is a lasting thought that will encourage nostalgia from future viewers.

The composition can be written to your own specifications and you can have as much or as little input as you would like. For example, would you like a fast or slow piece? Stately or lively? Do you have a particular title in mind? Or is there a theme around which the tune should be based?

A tune composed to commemorate the wedding of David and Kerry.


In most circumstances, it is great to have your tune played to mark a formal occasion such as a dinner or product release. It will then be presented in an appropriately mounted frame along with a CD recording.

Ultimately this presentation and/or playing of your tune is completely at your discretion and so can be tailored to suit your individual event requirements.

A tune composed to commemorate the wedding of David and Kerry.