Am I too old to learn?


Definitely not!  I can almost guarantee that I have taught someone older than you to play the bagpipes successfully.  So whether you want to learn for your daughters wedding next year or it's just always been on your bucket list, the best time to start learning is now.

That said, young people definitely have an advantage when learning to play due to their ability to grasp new concepts and easily try things in new ways. They also generally have an abundance of time!

The biggest single factor that usually holds adults back from learning to play is the time commitment.  As an adult you have so many other things on your plate that often practice gets moved to the bottom of the list and you can go a day (or dare I say it... a week...) without practicing.  This means that the overall progression takes longer, which leads to frustration and eventual giving up.

So as long as you can commit a little time each and every day and are in it for the long haul you can definitely learn to play the bagpipes.  If not, sit back, relax and just pay a piper to play for you - I just happen to know a good one!